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Crazy German Gamer

Ok, this video is pretty funny. Turn your volume down though because it is loud. Oh and please spare me the comments about how you think this is me 15 years ago. I see the joke there, ok? I get it. Save it. Enjoy the video:

Get a laptop!

I like Futureshop. I think they’re overpriced but they do have a fairly nice selection. Apparently they also make really funny commercials. There are certain benefits to having a laptop, such as being mobile and having a screen that closes…

Coolest Toy Ever

Cool is an understatement… Built out of kevlar and carbon fiber, this miniature Tomcat figher jet can reach speeds upwards of 280 M.P.H. The models (which are exact and accurate scale replicas) use small jet turbines, functionally identical to those used in actual full-sized jets to achieve remarkable speeds and flying precision.

Taunting & Stolen Xbox

Funny: Driving several times past a line of people waiting to buy an Xbox 360 as you tauntingly dangle your brand new Xbox out the window. Not so funny: Your idiot friend drops the 360 out the car window and someone in line snatches it up and runs away. More funny: Watching this all go […]