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Scared Shitless

If you haven’t heard of those little “games” that people play on their co-workers, here’s a summary: You send them to a website with a flash script that poses as a “test of your mouse precision skills”. Basically you have to move the mouse cursor through a maze without touching the walls. If you do, […]

RIAA sues Youtube users

I’m sorry but this is fucking crazy: “It seems our friends over at the RIAA just cannot get enough. The latest BS to emerge from there are cease-and-desist letters to Youtube users who have dared to put up videos of things such as themselves dancing to music they haven’t licensed.” read more | digg story

Eye-Fi for Porn

Have trouble watching all the porn you want? Wife nagging you? Afraid of getting fired from work? Is too much of your time spent in front of a computer so you can get your daily porn consumption? Then check out the Eye-Fi! Seriously, check out this hilarious video.

Real Life Simpsons Intro

This is really funny. It’s a video remake of the Simpsons intro clip. That’s right; real people acting out the actions that happen in the cartoon. It’s quite well done even though the actors could have looked a little more like the Simpsons, but I suspect that this was a rather low budget project.

Microsoft Origami Project

I’m not a huge fan of carrying around heavy devices, such as a laptop. My blackberry (well, my company’s) is small enough but it’s still a pain to use. Apparently Microsoft is coming out with a new 7″ tablet type of device that was discovered just recently. More information is supposed to be made available […]