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ClarkConnect Home Server

I rebuilt my linux server last night. I used to run the Smoothwall firewall package on there as well as an Abyss Web Server which hosted this very website. But I’ve moved that box behind my router and needed to disable the firewall. Instead, I rebuilt it with ClarkConnect Home Server 3.1 which gave me […]


So you like Internet Explorer (why??) and don’t want to try Firefox instead. Here comes Foxie, an addon for Internet Explorer that adds many new features such as Tabbed Browsing, a Firewall, spam/spyware blocker, search bar, etc. I like it for the tabbed browsing at work where I can’t use Firefox. It’s not perfect (found […]

Google Talk

Google Talk Google has released yet another app, this time a chat program. Even though I don’t remember the last time I spent any serious time on a chat program, I can’t resist trying anything Google puts out… now it’s just a matter of converting all my backwards 😉 friends from MSN and Hotmail to […]