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Windows Defender

Microsoft used to have a beta version of Microsoft Antispyware that worked quite well. When I moved to Windows x64, I stopped using it because it wasn’t compatible. Now Microsoft has released Windows Defender, essentially beta 2 of the antispyware software. Windows Defender (Beta 2) is a free program that helps protect your computer against […]

Lord of War

I just finished watching the moviesmovie Lord of War. I must say, I quite enjoyed it. Nicholas Cage portraits an arms dealer and the story is told from his perspective, recounting past events. It’s entertaining and has a morale to the story. The credits show the top 5 arms dealers in the world, which incidentally […]

2GB Swiss Army Knife

Swissbit bumps their knives to 2GB – Engadget Now this is a cool swiss knife. I want one. Probably pretty expensive though and just another one of those things that ends up in my nightstand drawer and then keeps me from opening it when it gets stuck behind the ledge and that really pisses me […]

The Windows MetaFile Backdoor?

Steve Gibson, well-known security expert, has taken a closer look at the recent Windows MetaFile (WMF) vulnerability that has since been fixed by Microsoft. Expecting to find another Microsoft “coding error” he instead found something that seemed to be deliberately designed into Windows. Given the nature of what it is, this would make it a […]

WMF Exploit Fix

Turns out that there’s been a pretty gross exploit discovered in all versions of Windows that allows a corrupted image file to run arbitraty code on the user’s system. In other words, that nude picture of Jessica Alba may be deleting your harddrive and charging tattoos to your credit card! See the link below for […]

Terrorists clone phones

Canadian telecom service provider Rogers Communications has been the victim of numerous number-cloning operations by the terrorist group Hezbollah — in which even the phone number of CEO Ted Rogers was “borrowedâ€? — but steadfastly refused to address consumer complaints about the problem, insisting that customers were liable for outsized bills. However, all that changed […]

Mini-golf courses are terrorist targets

Local officials said Thursday they were shocked to learn that Emerald Hills Golfland, a three-acre theme park with two miniature golf courses, had been placed on a Homeland Security watch list. “The moment we realized it was on the list, it was taken off,” said San Jose police officer Rubens Dalaison, who handles “critical infrastructure […]

Why do people still use IE?

Here’s another reason why: Unpatched IE Flaw Is Worse Than Expected By Larry Loeb November 28, 2005 Last week was shortened by the Thanksgiving holiday, and it seemed the malware guys took it off as well. There was not much going on of recent origin, and the biggest blip on the security radar was the […]