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Terror-free Gas? Proof of American Stupidity?

I bet people will buy into this, too: Claiming U.S. dollars used to purchase gasoline made from Middle East oil funds terrorism, a group called the Terror-Free Oil Initiative opened the nation’s first “terror-free” gas station. By the way, later in the story it says that the first contributor of this group buys some of […]

Olympic Villages Open in Turin

Newsvine – Olympic Villages Open in Turin A partial view of the Olympic village that was officially unveiled in Turin, Italy, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2006.The village includes some 52 thousand square meters of residences with 750 apartments and 40 thousand square meters dedicated to village services. The Village will host over 2,500 people, including athletes […]

Google execs keep $1 salaries

Google execs keep $1 salaries | Tech News on ZDNet Top executives of Google have once again agreed to be paid annual salaries of $1 each in 2006, counting instead on stock options and grants of the company’s volatile stock for their pay. In a regulatory filing on Monday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange […]