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Space Shuttle Cockpit

This is a high-resolution image of the space shuttle’s cockpit. Pretty amazing view! Looks incredibly old-school though, it’s amazing that good old switches and buttons still get us into space. It really shows that proven and reliable technology rules where it really matters. No mouse gesture, finger gestures, touch pads, or voice recognition going on […]

Windows 7 Beta Impressions

I have been running Windows 7 beta for a week now and wanted to put some of my thoughts down on paper (or on blog). Upon first glance it looks a lot like Vista and it is. It does have a couple of very distinct differences compared to Windows Vista though. Note that this isn’t […]

24 – A Great Strategy

Season 7 of the hit show 24 started earlier this year and after only 3 or so weeks we’ve already had 5 episodes and a 2 hour special. At first I wasn’t sure if I would be as enthralled with the show as in prior years but Fox’s strategy of releasing 4 episodes in a […]

CrossOver for Free!

Not sure if you’ve ever heard of Codeweaver’s CrossOver application but it basically makes it pretty easy to run Windows apps, in particular Office and games on a Mac or Linux. Their software has never been free but because they made some sort of promise that if Bush did something right in the last few […]

EA Sports NHL 09

A couple of weeks back I asked my buddy Heekwon if he was interested in buying NHL 09 so we could play some hockey games over Xbox Live together. Before I even had a chance to buy it myself he went out and got it. What a friend! I felt a little bad because it […]

New Macbooks

Apple just announced its new laptop lineup, including a newly styled 13″ Macbook, a couple new Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs. Since these things are so damn expensive, the only one I’ll ever have a hope in hell of affording is the Macbook. I would really love a light 13″ laptop, and this one’s just […]

The Unit in HD

So I watched an episode of The Unit last night which I always do late on Sunday night, but this time I watched it in HD quality on my laptop screen. I can see what all the rave is about. Never have I seen so many details on people’s faces, clear crisp colours and a […]

Web Development: Hard to explain

I can’t be the only web developer that gets frustrated with the intricacies of developing something that can be viewed on so many different platforms. Working on a website tonight I was checking my work in 5 different browsers! I was mainly developing in Firefox 3, while checking in Internet Explorer 7, Opera, Google Chrome, […]

Working like mad

As I said, I’ve been working after hours on projects awarded to me on Elance. Figured it might be nice to put a few links to the sites I’ve been working on lately. There’s only been a few worth mentioning, most of the work I do is troubleshooting, tweaking, and generally fixing things that are […]