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Inside Windows Vista, Build 5308

eWeek has taken a look at the latest build of Windows Vista.beta This release of Vista is “feature-complete”, the company says, meaning that all of the fundamental capabilities that Vista will eventually offer are now baked in. Development efforts aren’t slowing—the user experience will continue to evolve, bugs will get fixed, performance and compatibility will […]

XGL – Wicked Linux Eyecandy

All the talk is about the new eyecandy that will be available in Windows Vista. While Mac users have been enjoying cool features on their desktop for ages, Expose for example, Linux users will soon be able to do the same and maybe more. XGL is a composite layer that runs on top of the […]

Will Apple Adopt Windows?

Column from PC Magazine: Will Apple Adopt Windows? This story sounds pretty incredible but John makes some decent arguments. It’d be pretty tempting to buy one of those cool looking Macs and be able to play all the latest games on it. I’m not a huge fan of the Windows OS, nor have I ever […]

BF2 Patch 1.2 due out soon

Total Battlefield 2 The Battlefield 2 fan site has an interview with DICE, the developer, discussing the upcoming changes in Patch 1.2. Most notably to me and probably Chalk.Two is the fact that rank requirements have been lowered again. Sweet! We should be able to get higher ranks more easily now. Official Change Log for […]

Bill Gates at CES 2006

For those that didn’t go to CES 2006, like myself and most of you, you can still see Bill Gates’ keynote address. It’s an hour and a half and even though I’m not a huge Microsoft fan, they do have some interesting views for the future. A pretty detailed demonstration of the upcoming Windows Vista. […]

Home Network Changes

Wow that took a long time… A little bit of background: Earlier in 2005 I bought a wireless router so that I could use my laptop from work freely around the house. The same applied to my girlfriend’s laptop. Unfortunately, that wireless router fried and even though I can return it for a replacement (Linksys […]

Battlefield 1.2 Patch Info

Supposedly EA is working on a 1.2 patch for Battlefield 2. Here’s the highlights as stated by EA: – Helicopter now carry 8 missiles rather than 14 – TV-Guided missile now have a shorter range – Hit points on all air vehicles has been reduced – AA missile lock has been improved – Support kits […]

Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is a term often applied to a perceived ongoing transition of the World Wide Web from a collection of websites to a full-fledged computing platform serving web applications to end users. Ultimately Web 2.0 services are expected to replace desktop computing applications for many purposes. What it means to me is that all […]

PC Gamer Podcast

PC Gamer Podcast The PC Gamer Podcast is just another podcast, but it’s about PC gaming and it’s brought to us by the creators of the PC Gamer magazine. Basically you just download an MP3 file and listen to the online radio newscast. Pretty interesting stuff sometimes.Games


thatvideosite.com :: This guy doesn’t like Macs This is a hilarious 3 minute video of a guy explaining his love/hate (emphasis on hate) relationship with Macintosh PCs. I don’t have much of an opinion about Macs as I’ve never used them before, but I find this entertaining nevertheless.Funny