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XGL – Wicked Linux Eyecandy

All the talk is about the new eyecandy that will be available in Windows Vista. While Mac users have been enjoying cool features on their desktop for ages, Expose for example, Linux users will soon be able to do the same and maybe more. XGL is a composite layer that runs on top of the […]

Will Apple Adopt Windows?

Column from PC Magazine: Will Apple Adopt Windows? This story sounds pretty incredible but John makes some decent arguments. It’d be pretty tempting to buy one of those cool looking Macs and be able to play all the latest games on it. I’m not a huge fan of the Windows OS, nor have I ever […]

Superbowl Commercials

Many of us here in Canada, who were not lucky enough to have some sort of access to satellite TV, missed out on all the cool superbowl commercials aired on the American TV stations. However, iFilm was nice enough to post them all right here. Make sure you have time for at least half an […]

The Windows MetaFile Backdoor?

Steve Gibson, well-known security expert, has taken a closer look at the recent Windows MetaFile (WMF) vulnerability that has since been fixed by Microsoft. Expecting to find another Microsoft “coding error” he instead found something that seemed to be deliberately designed into Windows. Given the nature of what it is, this would make it a […]

Home Network Changes

Wow that took a long time… A little bit of background: Earlier in 2005 I bought a wireless router so that I could use my laptop from work freely around the house. The same applied to my girlfriend’s laptop. Unfortunately, that wireless router fried and even though I can return it for a replacement (Linksys […]


thatvideosite.com :: This guy doesn’t like Macs This is a hilarious 3 minute video of a guy explaining his love/hate (emphasis on hate) relationship with Macintosh PCs. I don’t have much of an opinion about Macs as I’ve never used them before, but I find this entertaining nevertheless.Funny

1.03 Invalid Cdkey Solution

1.03 Invalid Cdkey Solution – Total Battlefield 2 Forums 1. START-> RUN… -> REGEDIT 2. in regedit go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREELECTRONIC ARTSEA GAMESBATTLEFIELD 2ERGC 3. there is the (default key), double click it 4. a window pops up change the value to your cdkey without dashes 5. run bf2cdkeycheck.exe that is in the attached rar fileBattlefield […]

How vewy vewy intewesting…

Wired 13.09: On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Bot In the booming world of online poker, anyone can win. Especially with an autoplaying robot ace in the hole. Are you in, human? It’s late one Wednesday afternoon, and CptPokr is logged on to PartyPoker.com and ready to play. Onscreen, the captain exudes a certain […]