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XGL – Wicked Linux Eyecandy

All the talk is about the new eyecandy that will be available in Windows Vista. While Mac users have been enjoying cool features on their desktop for ages, Expose for example, Linux users will soon be able to do the same and maybe more. XGL is a composite layer that runs on top of the […]

Tuxme.com Changes

This weekend I’ve spent some time adding new features to my linux website, Tuxme.com. The site is using Drupal as its backend system and I’ve introduced some nice modules to add more user interactivity. Overall, it should make the site more inviting to visitors and contributors. Or so I hope. Check out my post with […]

KDE 4 Screenshots

Planet Diaz Index – KDE 4 Screenshots One of the benefits of using Linux is choice. For desktops for example, there are numerous choices, varying greatly in feature set and style. So far I’ve always been using Gnome but after finding these screenshots of the new version of KDE (4) that’s in development may make […]

Hello World…This is Linux.

Last week I posted about someone’s blog entry telling us that something big was going to happen with Linux. That news has now been revealed and while it may not be as big as I thought, it could do a lot to bringing Linux out of the geek’s corner and into the mainstream. Here’s an […]

Strong Winds of Change For Linux

Not sure what this is but it sounds interesting: “In about 72 hours, a project will be announced that could have a mighty impact on Desktop Linux and the Community At-Large…If it takes off, then this day may very well be the day that Microsoft never wanted to see…The impact could be that great…Stand by […]

Linux back to manage my Network

Thank God! Thanks to some help from a fellow Clarkconnect user, I can now once again let CC manage my network providing routing and firewall services to both my wired and wireless networks. Turns out it was just the small thing of renaming the wireless interface from wlanX to ethX. Who woulda thunk it? It’s […]

Linux heading back to my hard drive

I’m a little ashamed that for the past month, I’ve had no trace of Linux on my system. The reason: My addiction to Battlefield 2 which forced me to stay in Windows for most of my time and thus use Windows apps. I’m even extremely ashamed that I had to replace my linux based firewall/router […]

Home Network Changes

Wow that took a long time… A little bit of background: Earlier in 2005 I bought a wireless router so that I could use my laptop from work freely around the house. The same applied to my girlfriend’s laptop. Unfortunately, that wireless router fried and even though I can return it for a replacement (Linksys […]

ClarkConnect Home Server

I rebuilt my linux server last night. I used to run the Smoothwall firewall package on there as well as an Abyss Web Server which hosted this very website. But I’ve moved that box behind my router and needed to disable the firewall. Instead, I rebuilt it with ClarkConnect Home Server 3.1 which gave me […]