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The riddle of China’s Area 51

On the internet, a little mystery can go a long way. “Six weeks ago, a man living in Germany and calling himself KenGrok, announced a fascinating discovery on a Google Earth Community forum. Poring over satellite images of China on the free Google Earth service, he came across a strange plot of land – approximately […]

Digg View

My buddy Paul just alerted to this site called Digg View that gives a very nice summary of the top stories on Digg. I tend to look at what’s happening on Digg a few times a day, usually when I’m bored. This page now gives me a quick overview of anything that I may be […]

Google Analytics

Last night I received my long awaited Google Analytics invitation. The free service describes itself as Introducing Google Analytics. Sophisticated. Easy. Free. Get Your Invitation » Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site. You’ll be able to focus your marketing […]

PayPal Mobile Launched

PayPal has launched its mobile payment platform, called, of course, PayPal Mobile. You need to register a phone and create a PIN. PayPal uses an automated system to call you on the phone and verify the PIN, and the phone is then usable. To send a person to person payment, you either text the payment […]

Google reaches beyond Earth

Google is not satisfied with just indexing this Earth we live on. Not only do they map our lovely little planet using Google Maps, but they have also mapped the Moon and Mars! It’s pretty neat; the moon map marks the landings that we’ve done in the past, and Mars is mapped out using Infrared. […]

Cranky Geeks

John C. Dvorak has a new talkshow on Digital Life TV entitled “Cranky Geeks”. The format should be familiar — John’s the host, and with three additional cranky guests, they debate the technology issues of the day. Check out the pilot episode here.

Pageflakes – Another startpage??

I thought I was done with these Ajax start pages. I was sure that Netvibes was what I was going to stick with. Well, then someone posted a comment that changed things. Enter Pageflakes. Same ideas as the other ones, little prettier, more features, and the ability to create your own flakes (widgets). Screenshots below:

Gravatars now at jpeek.net

We’ve all seen the use of avatars used in forums all over the place. It’s a neat way to distinguishing yourself from others. Gravatar, which stands for Globally Recognized Avatar, is a free service where you can sign up and upload an avatar image for yourself. This image will show up on any sites that […]