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Gaming on a Budget

Gaming isn’t a cheap hobby. One of the main “excuses” used for piracy is the cost of games and with rising production costs at the developer’s end, price increases are often considered during annual shareholders meetings of even big production houses like EA. So what’s the frugal gamer to do? In this article I want […]

EA Sports NHL 09

A couple of weeks back I asked my buddy Heekwon if he was interested in buying NHL 09 so we could play some hockey games over Xbox Live together. Before I even had a chance to buy it myself he went out and got it. What a friend! I felt a little bad because it […]

Spore – From Bacteria to Galactic God

Spore is an upcoming gaming from Will Wright, the creator of Sim City and The Sims. Spore is, at first glance, an evolution game: the player molds and guides a single-celled species across many generations, until it becomes intelligent, at which point the player begins molding and guiding a society into a spacefaring civilization. Spore’s […]


My Page on 1UP.com Pretty interesting website. It features game reviews, previews, and articles, as well as a large online community. More interesting for me though was the fact that it allows me to keep an online collection of my games. If you’re into meeting new people who play the same games you do, check […]

PC Gamer Podcast

PC Gamer Podcast The PC Gamer Podcast is just another podcast, but it’s about PC gaming and it’s brought to us by the creators of the PC Gamer magazine. Basically you just download an MP3 file and listen to the online radio newscast. Pretty interesting stuff sometimes.Games

NHL 06 | EBgames.com

NHL 06 | EBgames.com So I tried NHL 06 last night. It promises to be the most fun since NHL 94, which would be great. Lately the series has suffered from arcade settings and extremely unrealistic gameplay. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like that has improved. However, by far the worst problem […]

How vewy vewy intewesting…

Wired 13.09: On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Bot In the booming world of online poker, anyone can win. Especially with an autoplaying robot ace in the hole. Are you in, human? It’s late one Wednesday afternoon, and CptPokr is logged on to PartyPoker.com and ready to play. Onscreen, the captain exudes a certain […]