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It’s a Male!

Canada’s Worst Driver Oh what shame! Canada’s worst driver is a male. This certainly stuffs a sock in every man’s mouth that tends to believe that women are worse drivers. And mind you, 2 of the 3 finalists were women. Good ol’ Chris was doing so well in the beginning. Then he cut off a […]


Userbars.com – Collection of User Bars (Banners) This is pretty neat. I’ve seen these “Userbars” in forums before but never found where to get them from, until now. Here’s some for me:


thatvideosite.com :: This guy doesn’t like Macs This is a hilarious 3 minute video of a guy explaining his love/hate (emphasis on hate) relationship with Macintosh PCs. I don’t have much of an opinion about Macs as I’ve never used them before, but I find this entertaining nevertheless.Funny


Waiting… (2005/I) Me and my girl watched this movie last night and it was quite entertaining. The story is all about a bunch of guys working at a restaurant and the rules and games involved in it. Though it was quite predictable and the scenery never changed much from the restaurant, it was good for […]

Angry Alien

Angry Alien Productions, Sase and Topsie This site is such a cute site. It has flash videos of popular scary movies that are… wait for it…. reenacted by bunnies! Definitely a must see!Funny


I went out golfing today for the first time all year. It was a department thing from work. And while I almost got called back in to work to fix a problem, I did have a great round. I shot a 78 (+15) over the 18 holes at Michaelbrook Ranch Golf Club. It was a […]

Judge accused of using sexual device in court

USATODAY.com – Oklahoma judge accused of using sexual device in court Allegations that a district court judge engaged in improper conduct involving sexual acts are false and are part of an effort to attack and embarrass him, his attorney said. District Judge Donald Thompson violated the code of judicial conduct “by his repeated use of […]

NHL 06 | EBgames.com

NHL 06 | EBgames.com So I tried NHL 06 last night. It promises to be the most fun since NHL 94, which would be great. Lately the series has suffered from arcade settings and extremely unrealistic gameplay. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like that has improved. However, by far the worst problem […]