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Eye-Fi for Porn

Have trouble watching all the porn you want? Wife nagging you? Afraid of getting fired from work? Is too much of your time spent in front of a computer so you can get your daily porn consumption? Then check out the Eye-Fi! Seriously, check out this hilarious video.

BF2: Mine and Mine 2

Even if you don’t play Battlefield 2 you’ll still enjoy these movies. Created entirely in the game and using some hilarious sound tracks and voice overs from such comedies as Monty Python, these are truly entertaining. The first one is quite a bit funnier than the second one, so I actually suggest you watch Mine […]

Blog’s back!

It’s been a while but finally my blog is back online. Stupid DNS changes… Here’s what I’ve been dying to post about over the last week: Aren’t you tired of all of those people out there trying to grab all of these fake friends online? It’s all about how many people can I pretend to […]

It’s Time

It is once again time, this time for good I hope, to quit smoking. It’s been a long while since my last failed attempt but I feel that now I am at a place in time where I am so sick of the habit, so feeling crappy about it, that I’m going to pull through. […]

Real Life Simpsons Intro

This is really funny. It’s a video remake of the Simpsons intro clip. That’s right; real people acting out the actions that happen in the cartoon. It’s quite well done even though the actors could have looked a little more like the Simpsons, but I suspect that this was a rather low budget project.

Obeying the Speed Limit

The story is this. A group of college students got together and decided to hold I-285 traffic to the posted speed limit (55). (I-285 makes a complete circle around Atlanta.) The Atlanta Journal quotes a spokesman for the DOT as saying that if the students weren’t blocking emergency vehicles and were going the speed limit, […]

Ask a Ninja

If you’ve never heard of Ask a Ninja then you should really check it out. They’re video clips, not more than 2 minutes long and absolutely hilarious. It’s one of the video podcasts I subscribe to.

Crazy German Gamer

Ok, this video is pretty funny. Turn your volume down though because it is loud. Oh and please spare me the comments about how you think this is me 15 years ago. I see the joke there, ok? I get it. Save it. Enjoy the video:

Inside Windows Vista, Build 5308

eWeek has taken a look at the latest build of Windows Vista.beta This release of Vista is “feature-complete”, the company says, meaning that all of the fundamental capabilities that Vista will eventually offer are now baked in. Development efforts aren’t slowing—the user experience will continue to evolve, bugs will get fixed, performance and compatibility will […]

Goowy – Online Desktop

Goowy is something I just heard about in the latest Inside the Net podcast. goowy (re) is a rich experience site which helps you manage your digital lifestyle. We provide you with a fresh and powerful environment for managing your webmail, contacts, calendar, rss, widgets (search, bookmarks, photos, weather, stocks, quotes, scores, etc.), and fun […]