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Web Developer Extension

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Web Developer extension for Firefox but damn is it ever cool! The fact that you can visually display where CSS tags or blocks or divs or classes or whatever start and end is amazing. Want to see what colour and type that font is? Just turn […]

AllPeers coming soon!

The “killer app” for Firefox, AllPeers, is probably the most hyped and anticipated extension out there. It’s set to be released “soon” and TechCrunch got an exclusive preview of it. Allpeers is a Firefox extension that creates a simple, persistent buddy list in the browser. Initially, interaction with those buddies will be limited to discovering […]

Metawishlist Firefox Extension

Last year I designed a Firefox extension for Metawishlist.com. Recently I found out that some of its functionality was broken and now that it’s fixed, I’ve decided to post it here. This post will now serve as the homepage for this extension. All future releases and updates will link to this post.

BlinkList Toolbar Extension for Firefox

The BlinkList Toolbar for FireFox is a great enhancement for all BlinkList users. It allows you to access your most important BlinkList features and pages with just one click. This toolbar also adds a powerful new tag box that will make your blinking even more fun and productive. What is the tag box? Just enter […]

Google Safe Browsing Extension

This is a pretty neat little extension for Firefox 1.5. Created by Google, this extension is supposed to warn you if a website you’re visiting is phishy. Google Safe Browsing is an extension to Firefox that alerts you if a web page that you visit appears to be asking for your personal or financial information […]

Random Links

Firefox Easter Egg FirefoxIn the address bar, type the exact URL: https://http://www.anydomain.com and you will be redirected to microsoft.com. Rather interesting…..is Mozilla poking fun at Microsoft (perhaps for their IIS SSL implementation?) Death by Caffeine How much of your favorite caffeinated drink would it take to kill you? Take this quick test and find out. […]

BlinkList Toolbar

I’ve posted a new version in the new forums on my site here. It’s got a lot of new features and a much nicer design. Thanks go out to the folks at Blinklist.com for providing me with feedback and images. Check out the latest version at http://www.jpeek.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=1. PS: All future releases will be posted in […]

My Firefox Extensions

Mozilla Update :: Extensions I created two extensions for Firefox a few weeks ago and they finally got posted on Mozilla Update now. One is a toolbar for Blinklist.com, a social bookmarking service; the other is a button for Metawishlist.com, an online wishlist site.