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Web Development: Hard to explain

I can’t be the only web developer that gets frustrated with the intricacies of developing something that can be viewed on so many different platforms. Working on a website tonight I was checking my work in 5 different browsers! I was mainly developing in Firefox 3, while checking in Internet Explorer 7, Opera, Google Chrome, […]

WordPress MU Cookie Error

I finally solved this error after spending all day on it….wordpress mu “ERROR: WordPress requires Cookies but your browser does not support them or they are blocked.” – Google Search The solution, that I haven’t seen posted anywhere, lies in how you specified the domain name when installing WPMU. I specified simply “blogs” when I […]

Screengrab – Why I love Firefox

Firefox is superior to other browsers not only because it’s faster, more secure, and more standards compliant, but also because it supports extensions. This allows for a never-ending list of features that can be adding by third-party developers. Screengrab is an extension for Firefox that let’s you take a screenshot of a full-sized webpage. That’s […]

Firefox 2.0 Alpha Released

How is this not on digg yet? I read this at TechCrunch last night. An early alpha release of Firefox 2.0 has been quietly released. I don’t care if it is an alpha, it has to be more stable than v.1.5. Downloaded and installed it and it works but I see no big difference to […]