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Witnessing History

It’s not often that one gets to witness history this up close. Obama has just become the first African-American president of the US and I was here to see it all happen. No, I was not at some sort of election party. Yes, I am Canadian and damn proud of it. No, I’m not American […]

New Macbooks

Apple just announced its new laptop lineup, including a newly styled 13″ Macbook, a couple new Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs. Since these things are so damn expensive, the only one I’ll ever have a hope in hell of affording is the Macbook. I would really love a light 13″ laptop, and this one’s just […]

Web Development: Hard to explain

I can’t be the only web developer that gets frustrated with the intricacies of developing something that can be viewed on so many different platforms. Working on a website tonight I was checking my work in 5 different browsers! I was mainly developing in Firefox 3, while checking in Internet Explorer 7, Opera, Google Chrome, […]

Free Website Monitoring Service

I came across this on the “Hot Now” list of sites at Blinklist and wanted to share. Montastic, the free website monitoring service that doesn’t suck. It really doesn’t. It’s free and you can add up to 100 websites that it will keep track of. You get an email when your site goes down and […]