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New Server and Theme

After I had to unexpectedly change hosting providers yesterday, I’ve decided to change the blog’s theme while I was at it. I know, I’ve done that a lot lately, but my search is finally over. I’ve been looking for a theme that was different from your everyday blog laylout. You know, posts down the page, […]

Why George Lucas Sold Pixar To Steve Jobs

It was twenty years ago this month that George Lucas sold Pixar to Steve Jobs. This short story explains why. Mr. Lucas, of Star Wars fame, needed to raise cash to settle the divorce and decided to sell a smallish piece of his Lucas Film empire. Steve Jobs was interested but deemed Lucas’ original asking […]

2GB of RAM: Do We Really Need that Much?

How much RAM should a contemporary computer system have? This is a very important question for many users out there. In our new test session we compared the performance of systems equipped with 1GB and 2GB of RAM. Personally I have to say, absolutely yes, if you are playing Battlefield 2. I’m running on 1.5GB […]

How to design Web 2.0 look-a-like sites

A comprehensive summary of design issues on Web 2.0 web design. This one is focusing on a design related point of view instead of the usual Ajax / Web2.0 API approach. Basic, yet highly interesting facts on why those websites look as cool as they do – while still being dead simple web design. read […]

Newsvine – Get in the Private Beta

Newsvine – Get Smarter Here Newsvine is essentially a social news website. But it’s different from other sites like Digg in that it actually involves news that you would read in the newspaper or see on the evening news. The service is still in a closed beta but here’s a quote from its welcome page: […]