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A new way to test your bandwidth

The site allows you to select servers to ping from around the country on an interactive map and graphically displays connections as they travel with varying speeds along the way. It also lets you store results of tests for your computer and sort them by date, time, speed and distance. read more | digg story

The riddle of China’s Area 51

On the internet, a little mystery can go a long way. “Six weeks ago, a man living in Germany and calling himself KenGrok, announced a fascinating discovery on a Google Earth Community forum. Poring over satellite images of China on the free Google Earth service, he came across a strange plot of land – approximately […]

Digg View

My buddy Paul just alerted to this site called Digg View that gives a very nice summary of the top stories on Digg. I tend to look at what’s happening on Digg a few times a day, usually when I’m bored. This page now gives me a quick overview of anything that I may be […]

RIAA sues Youtube users

I’m sorry but this is fucking crazy: “It seems our friends over at the RIAA just cannot get enough. The latest BS to emerge from there are cease-and-desist letters to Youtube users who have dared to put up videos of things such as themselves dancing to music they haven’t licensed.” read more | digg story

Firefox 2.0 Alpha Released

How is this not on digg yet? I read this at TechCrunch last night. An early alpha release of Firefox 2.0 has been quietly released. I don’t care if it is an alpha, it has to be more stable than v.1.5. Downloaded and installed it and it works but I see no big difference to […]

Origami UMPC runs Linux!

The Ultra Mobile PC, Microsoft’s new ultra-ultra-portable personal computer, apparently has a few new tricks up its sleeve that Microsoft neglected to tell anyone. In their testing of a prototype UMPC, UMPCOrigami found that Samsung’s engineers, awaiting the “official†operating system from Microsoft, had taken matters into their own hands and installed Linux in Windows’ […]

Photograph of near fatal lightning strike

This photograph was posted on Digg earlier today and it’s pretty damn amazing. There’s a lot of discussion about whether it’s a fake or not but the exif data in the image seems to indicate that it’s a legitimate photo. “Within 0.5 seconds of me pressing the button, I had jumped at least 2 metres […]