Jan Ole Peek

Google Talk


Google Talk

Google has released yet another app, this time a chat program. Even though I don’t remember the last time I spent any serious time on a chat program, I can’t resist trying anything Google puts out… now it’s just a matter of converting all my backwards 😉 friends from MSN and Hotmail to Google and GMail…

BF2 Stats

The stats for Battlefield 2 had overloaded Gamespy’s server to the point of it resembling a DDOS attack. So they’ve been restricted to a few select sites for now. My stats here don’t work but I am told that EA is working on a new system that would allow anyone to view their stats via XML. Once that is available I will update my code here to make my stats visible on my site once again.

Crappy Night

Last night was all but fun. My girl had some shortness of breath and some chest pain and after it didn’t subside, we went to the hospital. After the usual 5 hours of sitting around (I swear, the guy who got his leg shredded walked faster than those nurses), we went home with her being entitled the “Mistery Woman”. Oh well, 5 hours of sleep later, I’m at work, she’s home sleeping. Hope she’s feeling better today…