Jan Ole Peek

Clickmap – See what’s hot!

I came across an interesting little WordPress plugin a few weeks ago that I haven’t written about until now because it requires you to give it some time to show its usefulness. It’s called Clickmap and by its own description, this is what it does:


This little plugin will store each click made on pages of your site in a database, and from there, you’ll be able to go to your blog’s admin section and view the various pages. See what is popular with your visitors and what’s not.

I haven’t spent a lot of time (nor do I intend to) to analyze where my blog’s visitors click because I have no intention of monetizing these pages. But for those that do, this information could be incredibly valuable. For me, it’s just kind of interesting to see the clusters of clicks. It’s nice to see that Clickmap confirms what I’ve already known from other stats: my page about Browser Chooser is by far the most popular thing on my blog.


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