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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Gaming on a Budget

Gaming isn’t a cheap hobby. One of the main “excuses” used for piracy is the cost of games and with rising production costs at the developer’s end, price increases are often considered during annual shareholders meetings of even big production houses like EA. So what’s the frugal gamer to do? In this article I want […]

FriendFeed Acquired by Facebook – Now what?

Yesterday FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook for around $50 million. Having only spent time on FriendFeed on a regular basis for the last few weeks, it’s been interesting to see the general reaction of its followers. A seemingly vast majority is quite upset about the move, whether it be their concern about the future of […]

Exploring Desktop Blog Writers

Several things happened today in the online world that’s making me consider writing more of my content on my own blog. To that end I’m going to try out a few desktop blogging applications that interface with WordPress (hopefully well). First up is Blogo. This is a test post from it and we’ll see how […]