Jan Ole Peek

24 – A Great Strategy

Season 7 of the hit show 24 started earlier this year and after only 3 or so weeks we’ve already had 5 episodes and a 2 hour special.

At first I wasn’t sure if I would be as enthralled with the show as in prior years but Fox’s strategy of releasing 4 episodes in a 4 day span truly sucked me back in. I can’t wait now until the next episode. This is probably my biggest problem with TV shows. Sometimes I will literally wait until the season is complete so I can watch all the episodes back to back to back to back to… you get the idea.

24 especially is a show that is meant to be watched in series. Since every episode represents one hour of the show it is a given that every episode ends on a cliffhanger. Not so with other shows where you will typically have one overarching story and sub-plots that start and get resolved every episode. The wait till the next episode of 24 is truly unbearable.

Is it next Monday yet?!

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