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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Space Shuttle Cockpit

This is a high-resolution image of the space shuttle’s cockpit. Pretty amazing view! Looks incredibly old-school though, it’s amazing that good old switches and buttons still get us into space. It really shows that proven and reliable technology rules where it really matters. No mouse gesture, finger gestures, touch pads, or voice recognition going on […]

Windows 7 Beta Impressions

I have been running Windows 7 beta for a week now and wanted to put some of my thoughts down on paper (or on blog). Upon first glance it looks a lot like Vista and it is. It does have a couple of very distinct differences compared to Windows Vista though. Note that this isn’t […]


Based on a WordPress Revolution theme and a pain-in-the-you-know-what plugin (with cool zooming results) this was another great experience. www.firepowertraining.com “Fantastic!! Jan was super reasonable with the quote and worked very well with the creative direction I provided, as well as giving his input for improvements where helpful. I will definitely use him to continue […]


This website is a very clean, crips design almost entirely based on white, black, and tones of grey. The client wanted to draw the focus on the content of the blog, rather than the design of it. In doing so I think we achieved a truly special theme. No wonder, the client himself is a […]


Eppclient.com was another straight-foward “make my blog look like this” job with the added integration of a phpBB forum using a similar design. Very enjoyable to throw phpBB in the mix as I enjoy that software quite a bit. www.eppclient.com


In general, I love integrating a WordPress blog into an existing website. This was one of those tasks where the main goal was to make the transition from static webpages to a WordPress blog would be seemless. I think the task was accomplished and another client satisfied. www.newsgroupdirect.com/blog “Excellent work Jan! Will definitely work with […]


This was another slice and dice job from a pre-designed file. I quite enjoy these and the outcome was great and the client was very satisfied. It’s also a lot of fun to work on a website where I truly enjoy the design of it. I love the colour combinations, subtle shading, and layout of […]


On this website I did not have to do any actual design work and the layout was all prepared for me already. In fact, the job involved the conversion of a php/mysql based website into a WordPress blog. Combining direct calls to a Mysql database with WordPress blog posts was surely interesting and truly revealed […]


Healthygirl.ca was my first large scale project that involved complete setup from beginning to end, along with graphical design, layout, content choices, etc, etc. A lot of revisions on this one but the end result met the client’s wishes. www.healthygirl.ca “Bottom line – Jan is the best at what he does.”


This was probably one of the most fun themes I’ve created for a client. Based on a pre-created sliced Photoshop file, the end result completely matched the client’s expectations and truly reflects the intended vision. Did I mention that it looks fun? www.my1uplife.com “He was super easy to work with and accommodating to my requests. […]