Jan Ole Peek

Web Development: Hard to explain

I can’t be the only web developer that gets frustrated with the intricacies of developing something that can be viewed on so many different platforms.

Working on a website tonight I was checking my work in 5 different browsers! I was mainly developing in Firefox 3, while checking in Internet Explorer 7, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari for Windows. There is nothing more frustrating than having it look perfect (aside from Safari’s totally different font rendering) in 5 browsers except for Internet Explorer. And all that because it doesn’t understand how to properly render the following style statement


Looks harmless enough, right? Well it cost me a few hours of fighting with my code, leaving no time for GTA IV.

To add insult to injury, when I shared my frustrations with my better half, she couldn’t understand and, while doing her best to help, only caused more frustration and distraction away from the real issue at hand.

I finally got it solved and hope for dear life that Internet Explorer 8 will do a better job of interpreting CSS.

As a final thought, I was too chicken to even take a look at how IE 6 is displaying it.


photo credit: Yo Mostro

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