Jan Ole Peek

Working like mad

As I said, I’ve been working after hours on projects awarded to me on Elance. Figured it might be nice to put a few links to the sites I’ve been working on lately. There’s only been a few worth mentioning, most of the work I do is troubleshooting, tweaking, and generally fixing things that are broken. A couple of sites in particular that I liked working on are:

One of the biggest challenges for me is not being able to fullfil the design I would imagine for a particular site. It’s the client’s choice and while I do give my input and recommendations, if they envision something different, that’s what it’ll be. It can be a little bit frustrating but that’s why I’m getting paid for it.

Oh, and I also worked for an adult dvd store site, converting videos for them, but I won’t post that link here, sorry Heekwon 😉


photo credit: Jessica_Mah

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