Jan Ole Peek

On the Side

I’ve recently been trying to earn some extra income on the side in order to be able to pay my bills and I came across Elance. I first found Elance about a year ago but thought it was too big for me to get any kind of results. But ever since I’ve taken the plunge, I’ve found that there is a great market for people with certain skills.

I’ve been getting contracts to work on WordPress blogs for clients and so far the experience has been very rewarding. I never thought that it would be so streamlined to find a market for someone like me who can help clients achieve their goals while supplementing my own income. It’s been great and I’m looking forward to more of it.

If you are a developer with spare time and a need for extra cash, or if you have some skill that may be in demand by people who either lack the time or skill to do the work themselves, this is a great way to go!


photo credit: Jessica_Mah


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