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Monthly Archives: April 2006

High-Tech Golfball Finder

I know some of my friends could make good use of this gadget… The BallFinder scout is the perfect accessory for golfers who want an easier way to locate a lost ball. It scans “up to 600 square feet in one second or almost 1/7 of an acre in 10 seconds.†That’s not all, “each […]

The Inflating Flashbag

A USB flash drive that inflates as you fill it with data…. Designed by Dima Komissarov, the Flashbag is a USB storage device that inflates as it “fills up with dataâ€. Currently, the technology is patent pending. No word yet on if the Flashbag will go into produciton. Why??

Eye-Fi for Porn

Have trouble watching all the porn you want? Wife nagging you? Afraid of getting fired from work? Is too much of your time spent in front of a computer so you can get your daily porn consumption? Then check out the Eye-Fi! Seriously, check out this hilarious video.

Battlefield 2142 Central Opened

My buddy Hee will remember us discussing this. I’ve opened the doors to my new Battlefield 2142 website. All the good short names were taken so I ended up with bf2142central.com. I have a feeling that there’s going to be a lot of competition from existing Battlefield 2 websites and a lot of BF2 players […]