Jan Ole Peek

Microsoft Origami Project

I’m not a huge fan of carrying around heavy devices, such as a laptop. My blackberry (well, my company’s) is small enough but it’s still a pain to use. Apparently Microsoft is coming out with a new 7″ tablet type of device that was discovered just recently. More information is supposed to be made available on March the 2nd. There’s a few images floating around the net, including what looks like a promotional video (see below).

From the looks of it, it’s pretty cool and may combine the features of your laptop with those of an iPod. From the video, it would appear that these devices can play back music, connect to WiFi networks (and possibly Bluetooth devices), and has enough power to handle graphics work and games. Like Tablet PCs, Origami makes use of a pen input device, as well as buttons on either side of the screen. The video also reveals the device will be available in at least two colours (black / lime green), and has a docking station to match.

Here’s another screenshot, plus the video:

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