Jan Ole Peek

Netvibes – Personal Homepage

Ok, ok, I’ve been obsessed with these Ajax powered start pages. But I think this one’s a keeper. If for nothing more than a new RSS feed reader. Netvibes has all the common features, RSS reader, to-do lists, weather widget, email checker, and more. They’ve also planned a number of nice features for the future. The layout is not as customizable as Protopage for example, but it’s more stable and reliable. Who knew the French could pull something like this off! Check it out, I highly recommend it.


  1. Yes, you HAVE been a little obsessive with the start pages. Its been kinda fun to watch.And since when did you start slamming the French? Everyone loves the French except for you.;-)

  2. […] I thought I was done with these Ajax start pages. I was sure that Netvibes was what I was going to stick with. Well, then someone posted a comment that changed things. Enter Pageflakes. Same ideas as the other ones, little prettier, more features, and the ability to create your own flakes (widgets). Screenshots below: […]

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