Jan Ole Peek

New Server and Theme

After I had to unexpectedly change hosting providers yesterday, I’ve decided to change the blog’s theme while I was at it. I know, I’ve done that a lot lately, but my search is finally over. I’ve been looking for a theme that was different from your everyday blog laylout. You know, posts down the page, sidebar on the right (or left). I wanted something a little less boring and more functional. I especially wanted something that would highlight my RSS feeds a little bit more. So now, on the bottom half of the page are links to recent posts, comments, links I bookmarked, etc, etc. With the help of Feedshake I was able to combine my Blinklist, Digg, and Newsvine RSS feeds into one. The theme is a slightly modified version of the HemingwayBright theme. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Thats quite good looking. I am happy to see people putting their creativity into it.I was sure Hemingway could bring such a good looking theme, but I just was not foond of the black color.Yours is very good looking. keep it up !

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