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Monthly Archives: January 2006

BlinkList Toolbar Extension for Firefox

The BlinkList Toolbar for FireFox is a great enhancement for all BlinkList users. It allows you to access your most important BlinkList features and pages with just one click. This toolbar also adds a powerful new tag box that will make your blinking even more fun and productive. What is the tag box? Just enter […]

Taggerati Update

I’ve made available a small update for Taggerati, the WordPress tagging plugin. The attached file includes updated files to Include Blinklist in the external feeds section Changed the text for Furl from furl.com to furl.net Added in support for Rawsugar.com That’s it. I’ve submitted this to the author of Taggerati, so hopefully he’ll incorporate these […]

WMF Exploit Fix

Turns out that there’s been a pretty gross exploit discovered in all versions of Windows that allows a corrupted image file to run arbitraty code on the user’s system. In other words, that nude picture of Jessica Alba may be deleting your harddrive and charging tattoos to your credit card! See the link below for […]

Last Day Off

Today’s my last day off from work before getting back into the groove. I’m on the couch, it’s 4pm and I’ve only been awake for about 30 minutes. I put a load of dishes in the dishwasher, one of many to be done today, in addition to all the bags of garbage that need taking […]

Home Network Changes

Wow that took a long time… A little bit of background: Earlier in 2005 I bought a wireless router so that I could use my laptop from work freely around the house. The same applied to my girlfriend’s laptop. Unfortunately, that wireless router fried and even though I can return it for a replacement (Linksys […]