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Monthly Archives: January 2006

Blog Podcast

Podcasts are all the latest rage right now and I just came across this sweet webservice that will take any RSS feed and, using text-to-speech conversion technology, will convert it into a Podcast. It’s called Feed2Podcast. I couldn’t pass something so cool off and added my Tuxme.com RSS feed and this blog. Look for the […]

Battlefield 2: Euro Force

The first of at least two and hopefully many booster packs for Battlefield 2 is titled Euro Force and will be available for download on February 8th. I can’t wait. Here’s what’s new: Three New Maps “Operation Smoke Screen”, “The Great Wall of China and “Taraba Quarry”. New weaponry Each Euro soldier comes equipped with […]

Apple sues German firm over ‘spod’

This is seriously ridiculous: A German tech company has found itself on the receiving end of legal action by Apple over the word ‘spod’. The company behind iTunes has filed a preliminary action in a Hamburg court against Liquid Air Tab, the company behind Spodradio, a service which allows users to download podcasts to their […]

Optimus keyboard

I just heard about this Optimus keyboard on the latest TWIT podcast. It’s basically a new keyboard design where every key is made up of OLEDs. What this means is that every key can be programmed to display its current functionality. I just got a Zboard keyboard over the holidays where you replace all the […]

Linux heading back to my hard drive

I’m a little ashamed that for the past month, I’ve had no trace of Linux on my system. The reason: My addiction to Battlefield 2 which forced me to stay in Windows for most of my time and thus use Windows apps. I’m even extremely ashamed that I had to replace my linux based firewall/router […]

A new way to listen to music online

I’ve experimented with many different ways to listen to music while at work: homebrew streaming mp3 server at home, live365.com, even mp3s on my cellphone. Recently I’ve discovered a cool new streaming music service (free of course). It’s called Pandora and it let’s you customize what music you want to listen to. Think of it […]