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Monthly Archives: January 2006

Ajax Powered IP Location Lookup

SEOmoz :: AJAX Powered IP Location Lookup is a nifty little tool that takes an IP address and tries to map its location on a Google map. Perfect for sending flowers to that special someone who keeps spamming your inbox. It’s not perfect (I don’t live in the lake…) but it’s a cool application of […]

Bill Gates at CES 2006

For those that didn’t go to CES 2006, like myself and most of you, you can still see Bill Gates’ keynote address. It’s an hour and a half and even though I’m not a huge Microsoft fan, they do have some interesting views for the future. A pretty detailed demonstration of the upcoming Windows Vista. […]

Japanese Gadgets in North America

Dynamism.com – Next Generation Japanese Notebooks and Electronics All the coolest gadgets, lightest notebooks, and niftiest electronics come from Japan. Some take ages to make it over the big pond; some never do. Dynamism imports the hottest new products from Japan and allows us to purchase them here. They have some really sweet notebooks, light, […]


IconBuffet is a website where you can download free stock icons. Soft of anyways. It’s hard to find quality icons available for free these days and these guys have a system that’s not bad. The way it works is that once a month every site member (sign-up is free) gets one free set of icons. […]

Free Website Monitoring Service

I came across this on the “Hot Now” list of sites at Blinklist and wanted to share. Montastic, the free website monitoring service that doesn’t suck. It really doesn’t. It’s free and you can add up to 100 websites that it will keep track of. You get an email when your site goes down and […]

Linux back to manage my Network

Thank God! Thanks to some help from a fellow Clarkconnect user, I can now once again let CC manage my network providing routing and firewall services to both my wired and wireless networks. Turns out it was just the small thing of renaming the wireless interface from wlanX to ethX. Who woulda thunk it? It’s […]

The Windows MetaFile Backdoor?

Steve Gibson, well-known security expert, has taken a closer look at the recent Windows MetaFile (WMF) vulnerability that has since been fixed by Microsoft. Expecting to find another Microsoft “coding error” he instead found something that seemed to be deliberately designed into Windows. Given the nature of what it is, this would make it a […]