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Newsvine – Get in the Private Beta

Newsvine – Get Smarter Here

Newsvine is essentially a social news website. But it’s different from other sites like Digg in that it actually involves news that you would read in the newspaper or see on the evening news. The service is still in a closed beta but here’s a quote from its welcome page:

If you’re just into reading, you’ll find thousands of Associated Press articles posted and indexed faster than any site on the web. If you’d like to discuss the news, you’ll find places to chat and comment within every article. If you’d like to write your own column – and collect ad revenue from it – Newsvine will publish it for you.

Now, their private beta works on a system of invititations. Every user lucky enough to get in, gets to invite 20 other people. Lucky me, I have a few invitations left. If you’d like one, comment on this post, making sure you leave a working email address.

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  1. Hey, I dig the modifications you have made to the K2 theme. Nice work. And, if you are feeling generous, I wouldn’t mind a newsvine invite either. cheers!

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