Jan Ole Peek

Metawishlist Firefox Extension

Last year I designed a Firefox extension for Metawishlist.com. Recently I found out that some of its functionality was broken and now that it’s fixed, I’ve decided to post it here.

This post will now serve as the homepage for this extension. All future releases and updates will link to this post.

Version 0.4.2


  • Made compatible with Firefox 3

Requires: Firefox 1.5+

Install Now
(18KB File)

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  1. I love this MetaWishList extension! I’ve used it for a couple of years now and have introduced my family to it. It makes gift-giving soooo much easier because as I surf, I can add something kewl I come across to my list in just a few clicks – no muss, no fuss. Then the family can peruse the list and get me what I really want instead of another tie! Best of all – it’s free, which makes my wallet happy :)Good service and a “must have” extension for my Firefox installs!

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