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Heidi’s Legs

One of Heidi Klum’s legs worth less than the other

You have to wonder who made this determination. Not a bad job to have though, evaluating super models’ body parts. I’d like a piece of that, please. I originally read about this at Dvorak’s Blog at, to quote the man himself, dvorak.org/blog.

One of Heidi Klum’s legs is worth less than the other. Klum’s gams are insured for two-point-two (M) million dollars. She knows what you’re thinking and she thinks it’s “crazy,” too. She says her left leg has a “stupid little scar” from when she fell on glass when she was a kid. So that leg is worth only a (M) million dollars, while her right leg is insured for 200-thousand more.

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  1. That’s just damn strange. How weird to think that a scar would devalue a leg. I mean, they both look pretty damn perfect to me anyway!!

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