Jan Ole Peek

This Weekend…

…has been an interesting one. Saturday was my brother’s birthday. He’s now 23 years old and showed up for dinner at my parents totally hung over. Poor guy didn’t look so good, even after he threw up in my parents’ toilet, but hey, that’s what you get for partying all night before 😉

Otherwise it’s been a pretty relaxing weekend. Finally got my car’s oil changed on Friday, watched The Cave and The Transporter 2, got my Legion of Merit ribbon in Battlefield 2, my buddy Tibby keeps creeping up on my global score as well as awards in BF2, and I tried out a bit of a free trial for Guildwars. Now it’s a little bit of Erin Brockovich and then some more BF2 before getting a good night’s sleep.

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  1. I JUST finished Transporter 2 myself – fun little flick but not as good as the first. The lead character was always one of my fav’s.

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