Jan Ole Peek

Hello World…This is Linux.

Last week I posted about someone’s blog entry telling us that something big was going to happen with Linux. That news has now been revealed and while it may not be as big as I thought, it could do a lot to bringing Linux out of the geek’s corner and into the mainstream. Here’s an excerpt from the blog post and the direct link is below.

This is the day that we, The Linux Community, take it upon ourselves to announce our presence. Today is the day we take our first step into self-actualization. Novell is not going to do it, nor is RedHat or Xandros. They mouth promises of support but remain unwilling to “go mainstream� with Linux. The mainstream airwaves and print media are completely absent of any mention of Linux We pass the news of our accomplishments and problems from one news site to another, solve problems in the forums and discuss the wonder that is Linux. We share command line scripts, xorg file tweaks, discuss the latest distro and lament the fact that we are a niche system. Preachers preaching to preachers….myself included.

Many theorize that the larger corporations Like Dell and Intel will not support Linux because they fear Microsoft. It has ranged from slight hints to outright accusation that Microsoft threatens to pull licensing rights to these companies if they support Linux. Given the actions and inactions of some of these companies, that theory seems on the surface to have merit. Microsoft is a monolith that can and has destroyed a company or a person with a simple nod across the boardroom. Perhaps it is wise for a company to protect its interests and employees by bowing to Microsoft. It is in their best interest to fear them. Think Peter Quinn.

Hello World…This is Linux.

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