Jan Ole Peek


IconBuffet is a website where you can download free stock icons. Soft of anyways. It’s hard to find quality icons available for free these days and these guys have a system that’s not bad. The way it works is that once a month every site member (sign-up is free) gets one free set of icons. He can then share this icon set with up to 5 other people. Likewise, other people can send you a free icon set. Maybe Ironman will sign up, too? Let me know and I’ll send you all 5 of my free deliveries.


  1. I tried, bud, but the site is ridiculously slow and I wasn’t able to sign up. Maybe later?Jeepers your site is cool, man. So much neat stuff going on here.Off topic: did you take those flickr pics of the humming bird?

  2. Hmm ok, site was speedy earlier today.Gotta love wordpress ;)Actually my dad took those pictures of the humming birds. He’s really into photography.

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