Jan Ole Peek

Apple sues German firm over ‘spod’

This is seriously ridiculous:

A German tech company has found itself on the receiving end of legal action by Apple over the word ‘spod’.

The company behind iTunes has filed a preliminary action in a Hamburg court against Liquid Air Tab, the company behind Spodradio, a service which allows users to download podcasts to their Nokia mobiles.

Apple’s suit concerns the rights to both ‘Spodradio’ and ‘spod’, which are used as dot-com URLs by Liquid Air Tab.

The injunction states that the company must stop marketing its services under the brand Spodradio, alleging the inclusion of the word ‘pod’ infringes Apple’s trademark.

I vote that the apple orchards of the world rise up and sue the hell out of Apple for infringing on their fruit’s name…

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