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A new way to listen to music online

I’ve experimented with many different ways to listen to music while at work: homebrew streaming mp3 server at home, live365.com, even mp3s on my cellphone. Recently I’ve discovered a cool new streaming music service (free of course). It’s called Pandora and it let’s you customize what music you want to listen to. Think of it as an online radio station where you have control over the content, at least for the most part. Essentially how it works is that you tell the system the name of a song or artist that you like. It will then compile a dynamic playlist with songs similar to the one you chose. As you go along, you can give the good ol’ thumbs up or down to songs that are playing and the system will attempt to better serve you with music you like. It’s pretty cool. Now, I’m not all that picky with music, so I’m not sure if it’s all that accurate, but so far, no Rap songs have disturbed my “My Faves” radio station that originated from 3 Doors Down.Web 2.0

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