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BlinkList Toolbar Extension for Firefox

The BlinkList Toolbar for FireFox is a great enhancement for all BlinkList users. It allows you to access your most important BlinkList features and pages with just one click. This toolbar also adds a powerful new tag box that will make your blinking even more fun and productive. What is the tag box? Just enter whatever tags you want to use for the pages you are researching and the tags you enter into the box will automatically be added to your tags field.

This post will now serve as the homepage for this extension. All future releases and updates will link to this post.

Firefox 1.0 – 3.0.* ALL
Version 0.4.4, released on Feb 13, 2008.


Version 0.4.4

  • Updated to work with Firefox 3

Version 0.4.3

  • Updated extension homepage links
  • Fixed “My List”
  • Removed “Quick Start”
  • Removed “Tags” field
  • Updated “Blink It” function
  • Updated “Quick Blink” function
  • Known Bugs:

  • The “Blink It” functionality does not work 100% on pages with frames. This is a bug with Blinklist.com’s bookmarklet however.

Version 0.3.0

  • Option to have Blink It! button to open in current window or new window
  • Added BlinkList search engine (Note: This does not work properly yet)
  • Added BlinkList menu which includes all the regular functionality of the toolbar
  • BlinkList menu is hideable
  • The BlinkList menu in combination with the Search Engine provides 90% of the functionality of the toolbar. Ideal for users who do not have room for another toolbar
  • Overhauled Options dialog box
  • added blink this page to the right-click menu
  • updated Blinklist help link
  • attempted to include small buttons but didn’t work



  1. Hey there – the toolbar is nice but I just wanted to check it out. Can I disable it for now or do I need to remove it to hide it?Thanks

  2. You can disable it if you like, or you can just hide the toolbar by going to View -> Toolbars in the menu and unchecking the Blinklist toolbar.Disabling the extension removes all of its features and allows you to easily re-enable it later.

  3. This is an excellent and useful extension. It makes using BlinkList so much better and easier.I liked it so much, I posted a review of it (shameless plug Laughing )I hope to see more extensions like this in the future. I also wish you luck in the continuing development of this extension._________________Blogmaster of “Talkings of a Tyrant”http://tyrantmizar.blogsome.com/(shameless plug)Heavily involved in the PasswordMaker forums

  4. Hey thanks, I appreciate your feedback. We’ll keep trying to make the toolbar better and better. Since BlinkList is still in Beta, there will likely be many more new features, features that we can add to the toolbar as well.This is also my first ever try at writing anything for Firefox, so as I improve my abilities, the toolbar, no doubt, will reap the benefits.Again, thanks!

  5. A very good toolbar guys, one I may actually keep for longer than a week (anyone else notice how useless most toolbars are? They start out nicely but after a week you realise you use just one or two buttons on it and the rest is just taking up space. e.g. Yahoo!, Google etc. toolbars.)However I am quite anal about space in Firefox. I run the Whitehart theme and have the icons set to small. When I use the Blinklist toolbar and drag the Blink and QuickBlink buttons into my toolbar I notice they are bigger than the other standard icons and so make the toolbar a bit taller.I don’t know if there is a standardised icon size (normal and small) for Firefox but if there is then please use it. If there isn’t then… well there is nothing you can do so no worries.

  6. I had dabbled with that issue before and I will revisit it. I agree that they should be smaller to match the smaller default buttons.Version 0.3.0 is due out soon and I’ll try to make that change for that release.Thanks for the feedback!

  7. I just tried and it’s supposed to be a simple matter of adding an additional bit of css code, but it refuses to work for me… 🙁

  8. Hi,Great Job with Blinklist firefox toolbar.I have some suggestions. First, would be grear add more options in order to hide buttons (My List, Firendes,…) and so become toolbar smaller.Second, move buttons of toolbar separately (when you customize header of firefox) like for example, Google toolbar. So you can redistribute buttons along firefox header.Regards.

  9. […] story Blink this · Add to del.icio.us · Digg it · Trackback · Related Posts ·   […]

  10. It would be nice if you made it so we could middle click on a menu item to open it in a new tab(like the bookmarks menu).

  11. Love the plugin! Thanks for the time and effort. BTW, not only are you to cool for IE, a man with your obvious talents is way to cool for anything MS, period. Slide on in to Slackware or Debian. You’ll love it.

  12. I’m fascinated by blinklist.com and I appreciate your efforts to support blinklist with the Firefox extension.I exported my blinklist as bookmarks.html and I noticed that it includes my tags. Which is great.I got the idea that with this exported file, it would be possible to maintain a Firefox sidebar with tag-based bookmarks.What do you think?

  13. Potentially. I’ve played around with the idea of a sidebar before but haven’t had the time lately to add any new features to the extension. It’s currently in a maintain only mode, ie. I will upgrade or fix it as necessary.

  14. Sorry, this is the only place I could find to seek assistance.I seem to have a bug with the blinklist toolbar — I’m forced to log in every time I blink a site. When I open up the blinklist homepage, I’m logged in. I have cookies enabled. It’s just when I blink a site using the toolbar — the DHTML box that pops up requires me to signin before I can blink the site.Help! Thanks in advance!

  15. Hi,First, thanks for a great add-on!I blinked a site thru the toolbar right now, but it did not show up?What could have happened?Peace,Anders

  16. Very nice toolbar, i love it! Thanks!The only thing i miss is shortcuts for blinking a page and for going to my list.That would be really great!

  17. I’m trying to install Version 0.4.4 but the link above does not work. It just sends me to your blog home page. addons.mozilla.com only has version 0.4.3 and I am using Firefox 3 beta 3 and I would like to be able to install the toolbar in this version. Maybe you could update the version on the Mozilla addons site?Thanks for an awesome tool. I hope that I can get it to work in Firefox 3.

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