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Monthly Archives: January 2006

KDE 4 Screenshots

Planet Diaz Index – KDE 4 Screenshots One of the benefits of using Linux is choice. For desktops for example, there are numerous choices, varying greatly in feature set and style. So far I’ve always been using Gnome but after finding these screenshots of the new version of KDE (4) that’s in development may make […]

Clusty the Clustering Engine

Clusty the Clustering Engine Google has been in the news a lot recently, both being accused of producing mediocre, constantly beta, products (see Google Video), and folding to pressure by governments. While they’re fighting the US government to not release search results, they are complying with censorship rules imposed by the Chinese government. Whether you […]

Newsvine – Get in the Private Beta

Newsvine – Get Smarter Here Newsvine is essentially a social news website. But it’s different from other sites like Digg in that it actually involves news that you would read in the newspaper or see on the evening news. The service is still in a closed beta but here’s a quote from its welcome page: […]

The Scanner Photography Project

Building homemade digital cameras from low-end flatbed scanners This is pretty damn cool. This guy has built a digital camera out of an old, low-end flatbed scanner. The resulting images can have some really interesting distortions, especially when the image is taken of moving objects. We all know how slowly the scanner moves across its […]

2GB Swiss Army Knife

Swissbit bumps their knives to 2GB – Engadget Now this is a cool swiss knife. I want one. Probably pretty expensive though and just another one of those things that ends up in my nightstand drawer and then keeps me from opening it when it gets stuck behind the ledge and that really pisses me […]

Metawishlist Firefox Extension

Last year I designed a Firefox extension for Metawishlist.com. Recently I found out that some of its functionality was broken and now that it’s fixed, I’ve decided to post it here. This post will now serve as the homepage for this extension. All future releases and updates will link to this post.