Jan Ole Peek

The Apprentice Finale

Last night marked the 2 hour finale of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice”, in which Randall and Rebecca faced off against each other in their hardest task yet. Both ran into problems and managed the situation. I was split between who I wanted to win but after the tasks were complete, I was fully in Rebecca’s camp. It wasn’t a big surprise that Trump ended up picking Randall but in a year where 4 candidates were fired in one week, I didn’t think it impossible that Trump may hire them both! Especially after he praised them both during the final board room. What did surprise me, however, is that when Trump asked Randall for advice on whether he should hire Rebecca as well, Randall turned into a prick and said “No, there should only be one apprentice”. Let’s hope that Randall doesn’t last because that kind of attitude would have gotten him fired weeks ago. Trump agreed not to hire Rebecca “for now”. Hopefully he’ll change his mind.

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