Jan Ole Peek

New Cellphone

1. Girlfriend’s girlfriends get camera phones

2. Brother gets camera phone

3. I get Blackberry for use from work

4. Friend comes over with cool camera phone

5. Girlfriend’s current phone contract expired

6. I decide that Blackberry is not worth my company’s expense (yes – really)

7. Company offers employees a sweet cellphone plan through Bell

8. I give girlfriend my old cellphone and buy a new one, pictured below

So I have a new phone number now. It is 250-….. wait a minute! I’ll tell anyone who really needs to know.

So far what I like about it is that a) it has large buttons for my fatty fingers and b) I can take photos with it and email them to Flickr and then have them show up on my blog here… Look for a moblog list of images above.

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