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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Help stop IE

StopIE: Help stop Internet Explorer Too Cool for Internet Explorer If you’re still using Internet Explorer, it’s high time to stop and start using something better. Check out either of the two links above for reasons why and links to such alternatives.


My Page on 1UP.com Pretty interesting website. It features game reviews, previews, and articles, as well as a large online community. More interesting for me though was the fact that it allows me to keep an online collection of my games. If you’re into meeting new people who play the same games you do, check […]

It’s a Male!

Canada’s Worst Driver Oh what shame! Canada’s worst driver is a male. This certainly stuffs a sock in every man’s mouth that tends to believe that women are worse drivers. And mind you, 2 of the 3 finalists were women. Good ol’ Chris was doing so well in the beginning. Then he cut off a […]

PC Gamer Podcast

PC Gamer Podcast The PC Gamer Podcast is just another podcast, but it’s about PC gaming and it’s brought to us by the creators of the PC Gamer magazine. Basically you just download an MP3 file and listen to the online radio newscast. Pretty interesting stuff sometimes.Games


Userbars.com – Collection of User Bars (Banners) This is pretty neat. I’ve seen these “Userbars” in forums before but never found where to get them from, until now. Here’s some for me: