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Monthly Archives: October 2005


Waiting… (2005/I) Me and my girl watched this movie last night and it was quite entertaining. The story is all about a bunch of guys working at a restaurant and the rules and games involved in it. Though it was quite predictable and the scenery never changed much from the restaurant, it was good for […]

Angry Alien

Angry Alien Productions, Sase and Topsie This site is such a cute site. It has flash videos of popular scary movies that are… wait for it…. reenacted by bunnies! Definitely a must see!Funny

BC teachers

News | canada.com network No fines maybe, but plenty of harsh words for our teachers. The judge froze their Union’s assets so the strikers now get paid nothing. Good! Nothing like an illegal strike to get me riled up. This is the only profession that gets 2 months off every summer. I don’t care if […]

Explosive Ordinance 2

I finally got this tonight after getting 13 kills with C4/Claymore/AT Mine. I did it on Karkand by using C4 all the time. I basically ran towards an enemy, tossed C4 at his feet and then blew both of us up. I ended up with 2 points in the round (wow!) but I did get […]

Explosive Ordinance 1

God, I was trying to get the Explosive Ordinance Badge tonight. It requires 13 kills with claymore, AT mine, or C4. I tried it on Karkand by just dropping claymore all over the place. I did get 8 kills with it before being banned for excessive teamkilling, lol. Guess I’ll try another time and hope […]


FlexDeals This site provides links to great deals and savings for tech products online. Most of them are for the US, but there’s the odd one that’s good for Canada as well. You can also get online coupon codes for some places so you get some extra savings. If you’re looking to buy anything or […]

1.03 Invalid Cdkey Solution

1.03 Invalid Cdkey Solution – Total Battlefield 2 Forums 1. START-> RUN… -> REGEDIT 2. in regedit go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREELECTRONIC ARTSEA GAMESBATTLEFIELD 2ERGC 3. there is the (default key), double click it 4. a window pops up change the value to your cdkey without dashes 5. run bf2cdkeycheck.exe that is in the attached rar fileBattlefield […]

Finding and Deleting Duplicate Records

INF: How to Remove Duplicate Rows From a Table SELECT col1, col2, count(*) FROM t1 GROUP BY col1, col2 HAVING count(*) > 1 SELECT col1, col2, col3=count(*) INTO holdkey FROM t1 GROUP BY col1, col2 HAVING count(*) > 1 DELETE t1 FROM t1, holdkey WHERE t1.col1 = holdkey.col1 AND t1.col2 = holdkey.col2 INSERT t1 SELECT […]

Battlefield 2 Patched

After today’s release of the Battlefield 2 v1.0.3 patch and some 160 changes to the game, including a general lowering of the number of points required for new ranks, I have gained 4 ranks and got to unlock 4 new weapons. YEAH! I’m now a Gunnery Sergeant and unlocked the DAO-12, G36C, PKM, and L85A1. […]

Flat Tire

This is now the 3rd or 4th flat tire I’ve had on my new car in the past year. It’s really starting to piss me off. I refuse to believe that I just have crappy tires. It must be the fact that my car spends 90% of its time parked on crappy-ass gravel parking lots […]