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Monthly Archives: September 2005

BF2 and Windows Vista

I’ve tried Battlefield 2 in Windows Vista before and it did work, technically. I think I’ll give it another try tonight and see if the performance is good enough to play. Some potential sticking points are whether Teamspeak 2 will work and whether my Razor Diamondback mouse’s drivers will work. If not, then that’s a […]

Lance Corporal – Again

Not wanting to wait for a response from EA as to whether or not they can restore my previous stats, I’ve started over and made it to Lance Corporal. It took a mere two nights to accumulate nearly 1,500 points. Now if only I had as much free time every night, but alas, work is […]

My Stats Gone?

So apparently I accidentally deleted my Battlefield 2 stats yesterday while creating an account at Fileplanet. After I created a new account there, it told me that I had two existing profiles and I deleted one of them, wanting to avoid clutter. Not knowing just how closely ANY Gamespy online service is to my GamespyID […]

I made it!

So I finally reached the 10,500 points plateau, enough to up my in-game rank to Corporal. What comes with that priviledge is another unlockable weapon. I’ve been pondering this for nearly two weeks now and made my decision to get the G3 rifle for the Assault class. I’ve been experimenting with that gun and the […]

Huge Points!

In my pursuit of 10,500 points, I got two of my best rounds yet tonight. First 128 points, then 125 points. It was sweeeet! Sorry Brokn_Arrow that I couldn’t keep playing in the same server, but I got booted for “inactivity”… Tomorrow I should get my new mouse and my Corporal unlock 🙂 I also […]

How vewy vewy intewesting…

Wired 13.09: On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Bot In the booming world of online poker, anyone can win. Especially with an autoplaying robot ace in the hole. Are you in, human? It’s late one Wednesday afternoon, and CptPokr is logged on to PartyPoker.com and ready to play. Onscreen, the captain exudes a certain […]