Jan Ole Peek

Is more really better?

So a while ago I bought a new razer. I thought about just getting my usual Gillette one, you know, the one with the 3 blades. But sadly I was convinced by the commercials to try out the new Shick Quattro. 4 blades, must be better than 3. Not!
Here’s the problem, the 4 blades are so narrow and wedged closely together, that, especially with the little protective wires across them, they become useless. Never in my life have I pulled a razer across my face only to find the same amount of stubble as before. The first time it happened I must have looked so confused… Now granted, it works fine for about 3 shaves. At that point it becomes impossible to clean the hairs out from within the narrowly spaced blades.
My conclusion: Going with the 3 bladed Gillette again next time. Now, where can I get one for free?


  1. i wish i can find out which blades are better. the three blades, or the four blades?? i guess i will never find out….

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