Jan Ole Peek

ClarkConnect Home Server

I rebuilt my linux server last night. I used to run the Smoothwall firewall package on there as well as an Abyss Web Server which hosted this very website. But I’ve moved that box behind my router and needed to disable the firewall. Instead, I rebuilt it with ClarkConnect Home Server 3.1 which gave me the option of running a firewall or just a server. It even does VPN, Windows File Sharing, FTP, and many other things, right out of the box. I have to say that it was extremely easy to install and the fact that it’s modular will make upgrading painless. I can’t wait to get another linux server going as my firewall/gateway, but I have no hardware at the moment. Anyways, if you’re looking for a linux server and an easy one to use at that, check it out.ClarkConnect

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